New ADAS Windshield Gives You Third Eye

Your ADAS Windshield Just Became Your Third Eye

ADAS Windshield Thrid EyeYour ADAS windshield is now smarter, stronger and has much better vision than you will ever have!  Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) is no longer something mysterious like the Google self-driving car, ADAS is now in production in many cars now!

What Is ADAS?

It is your third eye living in your windshield.  ADAS is really a collection of safety systems in your car that work together to increase the safety by alerting the driver of unsafe conditions that could lead to a collision.  But Wait There Is More!  The ADAS is built to assist in collision avoidance and work closely with car systems like the cruise control, braking, lane changing…  Bottom line, Barclays U.S. Autos & Auto Parts – Disruptive Mobility says that this technology could possible stop car collisions and save up to 10,000+ people a year from fatal car accidents.

What Does An ADAS Windshield Mean To You?

Well, from an insurance perspective, you can expect higher glass prices if you do not have a $0 glass deductible or Glass Buy Back coverages on your insurance policy. Insurance Companies have seen that safety systems reduce the number of collisions, but the costs to repair cars with the safety features have gone up, resulting in higher insurance premiums for consumers.

The ADAS system usually includes a front facing camera and when a windshield is replaced, it will be critical to have the camera recalibrated correctly.  Not something I would really want to get done at the car wash, except maybe clean the lens.

Who Will Be Able To Help Me If I Have An ADAS Ready Windshield?

ADAS Windshield Replacement and CalibrationADAS features are new and will require specialized training to ensure when a car windshield replaced or other components are worked, they are repaired to original manufactured specifications.  Who you choose to repair or replace your windshield will be more important than ever, and the liability associated with replacing a windshield with ADAS features may just change the landscape of which glass shops are around in 10 years.  It’s not like forgetting to reconnect a rain sensor, improperly calibrating an ADAS camera could lead to a huge amount of liability in the event of a collision.

Currently, only dealerships are doing the recalibrations, but there are large glass shops like Safelite that are partnering with Bosch to create a one-top location where customer will be able to get everything done in one appointment.

What Do You Think Of This ADAS Technology?


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