Auto Windshield Glass Getting Thinner

Thinner Auto Windshields Getting Conspiracy?

Auto Glass Windshield ReplacementEver notice your front windshield is cracking more often?  Have you heard that auto glass companies are trying to save money by making their glass thinner?  Is it one big conspiracy between auto glass manufactures, automakers and insurance companies to drive up prices.

Welcome to America where anything is possible, but let’s come back to reality and see what is really going on!

First of all, with advances in technology and consumer price demands, everything is getting smaller and stronger, including auto windscreens, and other auto glass!   You will start to notice that indeed windshields are getting thinner, but that has nothing to do with them cracking, in fact, the research and advances make windshields stronger than ever.  Take a look at more of the newer auto models and you will see a lot more glass being incorporated into the design.

So what are the benefits to the of the thinner glass?  It reduces the overall price of the car, helps reduce the weight of the car which helps with gas efficiency, allows for laminated side windows providing additional safety and protective features, and overall the thinner auto glass provides for better overall driving experience for the driver and passengers.

So the next time that rock hits your windshield and it cracks, someone tries to break-in your side window to steal your personal items or the vehicles rolls, just realize how lucky that auto glass engineers developed that front windshield that just saved your life and saved you money on gas over the life of the car.




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