Auto Windshield Replacement Glass Fraud Exposed – Arizona

Windshield Replacement Insurance Fraud Exposed And Arrest Made In Arizona

Auto Windshield Replacement ArrestDonald Parra glass shop owner of Precision 1 Auto Glass, of Mesa, located 12 miles South of Scottsdale, Arizona was arrested for Insurance Fraud and Identity theft.   He is accused of creating and filing bogus auto windshield replacement related glass insurance claims to insurance companies.

Mr. Parra, where have you been?  We have been WARNING you and all the other unethical glass operators that Department of Insurance’s and Insurance Companies have had enough and are investing a lot of money and resources to crack down on glass shop operators, glass salespeople, glass repair technicians, and company employees that are committing windshield replacement, chip repair, and crack repair insurance fraud!

According to the press release, in Arizona, it is a Class 6 Felony for a person that repairs or sells glass to submit an insurance claim knowing it is fraudulent.   So what is next?  There is going to be a lot of stress, legal expenses (there go all the profits), possible incarceration, and a permanent arrest record if convicted!

Here is another WARNING to all unethical glass operators, glass salespeople, auto glass repair technicians, and auto glass company employees who are a part of submitting fraudulent insurance claims, THEY’RE HERE…!

If you’re going to commit any type of windshield replacement, chip repair or crack repair insurance fraud, especially in Arizona, know that Insurance Companies have created Special Investigative Units focusing exclusively on finding you! We have said it before, with today’s technology and aggregated claims information, with one mouse click, investigators can drill down on the metrics of any auto glass company or insurance agent and see what everything, and bingo you’re on the radar!


Is your company on auto glass inspection imaginary INSURANCE RED WATCH LIST, click here for more information.

If you suspect any fraudulent actions, protect yourself from potential involvement, report it to your Department Of Insurance, or Insurance Company’s Special Investigative Unit who is waiting for your call.  One of the main responsibilities of the Department of Insurance for any state is to protect consumers from fraud and they take that responsibility seriously in the area of auto glass fraud.

When glass shop owners commit this type of windshield fraud, if found guilty, they will surely suffer financially and be incarcerated, but the real people that suffer are families of the glass shop owner’s family and the victims, for what a few dollars.

Mr. Parra we wish you and your family the best and hope the allegations are not true.  This is a wake-up that Department of Insurances and Insurance Companies have had enough and are looking for people to set examples!  Who will be next?

Your Turn To Speak Up – What Do You Think Of Auto Glass Windshield Fraud?


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