Chip Repair Fraud- How Stupid Could You Be!

Chip Repair Fraud Go Big! Might As Well Go Big And Screw Up Your Life With Multiple Felonies!

Chip Repair FraudOn August 8, 2014, the The Utah Department of Insurance Fraud Division announced the conviction of two glass shop owners from Quick Fix Auto Glass LLC and T&R Auto Services.  In total, they filed 1,674 chip repair and glass windshield related claims with  major insurance companies, including Farmers Insurance, Allstate, and Progressive for a reported payout of  $102,000.

I only have only one bonehead question “Why would you risk  Chip Repair Insurance Fraud and Identity Fraud felonies and screw up the rest of your life for pennies?” 

I can only imagine the stress on the families and employees!  In addition the legal costs probably exceeded the illegal profits made from chip repair fraud.

Car Wash Chip and Windshield InspectionScam Background:  The two glass shops owners and their employes went looking for cars that had chips in their windshields and then know on the homeowner’s door offering a repair.  The scam normally goes that they would tell the customer that just provide us your insurance and contact information and we will take care of the details with the insurance company and there would be no cost.

Yea, no cost to you consumer, except we will steal your identity, rack up false glass claims against your auto insurance policy possibly causing you to lose a discount, and by the way, someday you may be part of an insurance fraud investigation and have to defend yourself.

Don’t Be A Victim:  If you need a chip repair or windshield replacement, and someone comes knocking at your door or approaches you at a carwash, say thank you and call your agent or insurance company for the repair.

Click on the link to read the State Of Utah Press Release on their Chip Fraud.

So What Would You Do If Someone Knocked On Your Door Offering Free Chip Repairs?


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