Is Your Company On An Imaginary Insurance Auto Glass Windshield RED LIST

Silent WitnessSo does this imaginary Insurance Auto Glass Windshield Red List really exist?  As we have commented before, we do not know for sure, but common sense, current activities from state Department of Insurances and insurance company Special Investigative Units (SIUs – maybe there will be a move series someday), News Investigations, and feedback we receive, we would conclude YES!

You’re visiting this website for one of many reason’s, you’re committing fraud and are looking for the latest information, you’re looking to report auto glass windshield fraud, you work for an insurance company or Department of Insurance, or you are just bored, so let’s take a deeper look into this imaginary list.

Many insurance companies are now implementing mandatory or random auto glass windshield replacement, chip repair, and crack repair inspections when one of their clients or a glass shop calls in third-party glass claim as part of the insurance claims process.

The consumer is the really the one that suffers most!  They now have to deal with an extra step and inconvenience of a delay in the repair process!

During our investigation, several glass shop owners made the comment that seems to make sense.

“We are small business owners, and we have the right to spend our marketing budget any way we want as long as it is legal, and we are just following insurance company processes.  It is the insurance company’s responsibility to police auto glass windshield replacement, chip repair, and crack repair fraud! “

We have to believe the Insurance Companies heard them loud and clear and are now implementing mandatory and random windshield inspections by before authorizing repairs.

Here Are Our Thoughts On A Red List Criteria

  1. A glass shops calls in a third-party windshield replacement insurance claim and are required to have an inspection on every claim, congratulations you are probably on a list!
  2. A glass shop calls in a third-party chip repair or crack repairs and they are flagged for an inspection on every claim from multiple insurance companies, your are probably being watched!
  3. Some insurance companies are just requiring mandatory or random inspections in general.
  4. Check with your agents representing the different companies, and if they are nervous, or no longer want your cash, you’re probably being watched or the agent has been warned.
  5. You company calls existing clients to see if they need windshields monthly.
  6. You have signs up for $XXX for glass replacement.
  7. Your windshield replacement stats are much higher than the state average.
  8. One of your clients turned you in!  This is one of the more common scenarios how fraud is first discovered.
  9. What are we missing, let us know in the comments below…

Ok, Speak Up! What Are Other Clues or Is There Really A Red List?



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