New Windshield Replacement and Crack Scam Alert

Auto Glass Windshield Scammers Arrive In Duval County

Windshield Scam AlertIn Duval County in Florida, station News 4  reported that they were getting calls from their viewers where a man was going through the neighborhood because of construction and inspecting windshields for chips, cracks and the need for windshield replacements.   He takes the client to the car and shows them the windshield that may or may not have damage, but like most con artists put pressure to the homeowners to provide their auto insurance policy information.

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We have discussed in other articles the potential outcomes of an interactions like this where scammers will even try to bring you the consumer into the fraud by getting you to replace a perfectly good windshield for some type of incentive which is insurance fraud!  Can you imagine if you go along with it and the insurance company sends out and third party company to review the windshield before the repair and there is no damage. Huston, you have a problem.

The scammer may also indicate that there are chips in the windshield and order a new windshield without you knowing when they could have just repaired the chips.  You take the risk of a bad install resulting in wind noise and other issue.  Think of it this way, if they will commit insurance fraud, do you think they are going to do the best possible job on a consumer’s window, or worse yet, provide a warranty!

The other thing they may do without you knowing it is that they will put in multiple chip or crack repairs, or worse complete windshield replacements on your auto insurance policy.  This may impact your premium or future coverages.

Bottom line, let someone else be the victim, you know better!

So What Would You Do If Someone Knocked On Your Door Offering Free Chip Repairs?


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