Why Use OEM GLASS ONLY For Car Windshield Replacement!

OEM Glass or Aftermarket Glass, That Is The Question?

So we have been blogging about OEM glass and how every insurance company has their own process for approving OEM Glass verses requiring aftermarket glass.

We have OEM versus Aftermarket Glass and the importance of understanding your rights as a consumer,  your insurance language, and the wide variety of legislation in the different states.  The bottom line is the insurance companies and glass shop owners/operators have their own agenda.

Who Is Right, The Insurance Companies or Glass Shop Operators?

Insurance companies want to combat fraud, reduce costs, and increase margins.  Glass Shop Operators like any business do not want to be told how to marketing their business when they are not violating any laws or committing auto glass fraud.

What Can Happen When You Have Aftermarket Glass Versus OEM Glass?

There are glass industry experts that will claim that there is no difference.  Then when you talk to glass shop operators, and consumers, you will get a different story of the imperfections in the clarity, durability, and much more.

We found this video that is a little scary to watch to get our point accross, BE WARNED – THIS VIDEO IS  GRAPHIC!

What About The Consumer?

But what does the consumer want?  Has anyone asked them?  This will an entire blog post on it’s own, because it is really about the consumer and what they are willing to pay for auto insurance premiums and inspection inconveniences they are willing to deal with.


Every blog needs to sometimes take a break for the seriousness and have some fun as OEM Glass Versus Aftermarket glass is about to heat up even more with all the Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) rolling out in some new cars.  Have you seen the information on Tempered Glass starting to show up in the driver and passengers side windows?


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