Parking Lot Scams – Scammers Using Fake $100 Bills On Windshields To Steal Cars

The $100 Christmas Present Bait, Will You Fall Victim…

Parking lot scams are once again are on the rise and for good reason!  Parking lots are the perfect office for a good scam artist to work out of.

So right around the holidays, as you can expect, there are scam artist out there getting more and more daring in the crimes they are pulling off.  It is as if our society is becoming  desensitized to these small crimes such as car jacking or someone stealing stuff out of a car while the driver is distracted.

In Maryland, ABC news ran a story based on warnings from the Attorney General that scammers were putting $100 bills on the windscreens of cars in an attempt to get the driver to jump out of the car for the money.  Once they get out, the scam artist would jump in the running car with the door open and take off with the car. It seems almost to stupid to be true, but I guess the moral of the story is like dad always told me, nothing in life is free and if it is too good to be true run the other way!

There was also information about scam artist bumping into your back bumper and when you get out to confront them, someone else jumps in your car and takes off!

Watch the video below to see ABC News investigators and the Attorney General at work…


Source: Special Thanks to ABC For The For Publishing The Article


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