Reporting Auto Glass Fraud And Auto Glass Scams

Were You A Victim of An Auto Glass Fraud & Auto Glass Scams?

Auto Glass Fraud or Scam Reporting To Department Of InsuranceState Department Of Insurances do not mess around when it comes to protecting the consumer and they will react quickly to stop any auto glass fraud and auto glass scams, especially when the elderly are involved.

Auto Glass Repair Incentive SignIf you suspect an auto glass shop or person is conducting some kind of auto glass fraud and auto glass scams, notify your State Department Of Insurance immediately and they will investigate your complaint and hopefully protect others from becoming an unsuspecting victim for an auto glass fraud or scams.  Alternatively, there is social media, but be careful, your first amendment right, may get you into an expensive law suit!  There is also that gets a lot of love from google when folks search for scams.

Wash Windshield Inspection From Auto Glass Shop at Car WashIf you believe your insurance company was affected by auto glass fraud or auto glass scams, make sure to notify your insurance agent and they can contact their insurance companies internal SSI (Special Investigative Unit).

Together we are more powerful than the few!

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