Windscreen Replacement Wind Noise

Windscreen Replacements Can End Up Being A Nightmare If Done Wrong!

There is no dispute that having the right tools makes any windscreen replacement job easier and they provide more accuracy reducing the chance of wind noise or damage to the vehicle. However, it is how the tools are used that determines the quality of window replacement, chip repair or crack repair.  Experienced glass installer are expensive and sometimes hard to find in today’s job market, so glass companies are having to take on less experience glass installers and have to train them on how to do a do windshield replacement.

You turn your car over to a auto glass installer and go back into the house or office with the assumption that they have experience and know how to do a windscreen replacement!  Did I just say assume!

Watch Jim’s video below to learn about the new windscreen replacement technologies some glass companies and their installers are starting to use to ensure windscreen replacements get installed with precision accuracy and help protect the glass installer from common injuries.



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