Windshield Replacement Rain Sensor Issues

windshield replacement rain sensorWill Your Windshield Replacement Rain Sensor End Up Costing You Money!

This video shows you how to identify if you have a windshield replacement rain sensor in your car which will be located behind the rear-view mirror.

Jim cautions you not to request a new windshield replacement with rain sensor if they do not already have one, because it will not add the functionality, will look wrong in the car, and potentially cause delays on the install.

Jim discusses the importance of hiring a reputable auto glass company to install the windshield replacement rain sensor, because it can be tricky to remove the rain sensor harness, and if done incorrectly could be an expensive repair later.  If the the windshield replacement rain sensor is installed in the summertime and six months later you go to use and something is wrong, you may end up with proving the glass installer was the cause and may not be able to claim it under the glass shops windshield replacement rain sensor installation warranty.


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