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Is Auto Insurance A Commodity In Your Agency?

Auto Insurance CommodityLet’s face it, as an agent, you see every day on TV how online insurance companies are trying to turn auto insurance into a commodity!  Some agents my be fearful, but the right answer is to use their marketing strategy to your advantage by target marketing to your consumer niche, providing exceptional customer service and clients reviews, and most important, Perfect The Art Of Auto Glass Claims Handling!  When a client calls you with a claim, that is the moment your client needs you the most, if you send them directly to the 800 claims line, you are just a commodity and adding no value as an agent!

How Can You Make A Difference?

Scam And Fruad ReportsYou can learn from the dramatic results of many study’s that indicated when your clients have an auto glass claim and have a great experience, their customer satisfaction will be much higher at renewal time, and they are more likely to renew their policies than other clients that did not have a claim.  This is the one area where you can have a huge impact your auto glass marketing and retention.

Auto Glass Claims Are Your Most Common Type Of Claim, So Harness The Opportunity

Auto Glass Insurance ClaimThe next time your client has a glass claim, refer them to a shop that you know is going to take excellent care of them and make you look like a superstar!  Do not assume that just because you are going to refer a client to auto glass shop that everything will go well! Again, this is your most common type of claim, so find an auto glass shop that will work with you to build a marketing program around it. Read our article on Choosing The Right Auto Glass Shop on picking the perfect marketing referral partner.

Your marketing plan with the auto glass shop should make your client feel like a superstar! Who knows, this could be their first auto insurance claim.

  • Provide your clients with an auto folder to hold their registration and insurance card.  The folder should be imprinted with the contact information for your agency, and your auto glass shop referral.
  • On first contact with the client, the auto glass shop should always be selling the benefits of your agency.  For example “Those guys over at XYZ agency are amazing aren’t they, they always treat their clients like superstars and we love being a part of it…”
  • The auto glass shop should send an email branded to your agency to the client with a profile of the auto glass installer that will be doing the auto glass repair or windshield replacement.  Always have the auto glass shop cc your agency in the email so it looks like you are part of the auto glass claims process.
  • At completion, the auto glass shop should email your agency a status, temperature of client, and pictures of the work, and whenever possible, a picture of the happy client and installer if they consent.  You can use this information in your newsletter, and on your website.
  • The auto glass shop should follow-up with a customer satisfaction survey and provide your agency with the results.  Make sure to include questions about your agency in the survey.
  • Promptly follow-up with the client and see how they did or if there were any issues, and if there are fix them right away!

How To Rank Your Insurance Agency Above The Tier One Insurance Companies Google Search Results?

Top Secret Auto Glass TipIf the results from the customer claims survey are great, right then is the best time to ask the client to do a Google Review for your agency. Getting the Google Review, especially on the results of a claim, is worth it’s weight in gold on getting into the Google Local Three Pack above organic searches results.

In addition, it is the best time to ask for a referral to anyone else that they know that would like to have the same experience.

Clone The Auto Glass Claims Process And Grow Your Insurance Agency

Cost Of Auto Glass Widow Repair Dollar SignNow that you know how to market your agency during an auto glass insurance claim with an auto glass shop, just duplicate the process with your other claim referral partners.  Remember that at the time of an auto glass claim, the client is most appreciative of the value you bring as an agent, so don’t blow it, use the opportunity to deepen your relationship with your client and grow your agency!


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